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Serving the community of Modesto, CA:

Educating the community about autism by amplifying Autistic voices and promoting the values of the neurodiversity paradigm.

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McDonald Autistic Pride & Neurodiversity Lending Library

Serving the community of Boston, MA

I am a mother of four Autistic children who is also on the spectrum. I have decided to create a mobile lending library in the Boston area that celebrates Autism and neurodiversity, and promotes Autism acceptance and the neurodiversity paradigm.

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Neurodiversity Connect


NeuroDiversity Connect is a community organisation that will work across Australia, where neurodivergent people and their families seek support, community & inclusion.

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Little Free Neurodiversity Library

Serving the community of Omaha, NE

The mission of LFNL is to educate the community about neurodiversity, autism acceptance, and disability rights, centering the perspectives of autistic and other disabled people.

Contact Erin Human at to inquire about donating or borrowing books.

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The Good Sunflower Autism Acceptance Library & Resource Center

Serving the community of Hammond, Louisiana

Our mission is to promote acceptance, & inclusion by providing resources centered on Autistic perspectives & the Neurodiversity paradigm.


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Neurodiverse Families of Long Island’s Neurodiversity and Parenting Lending Library

Long Island, NY

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Neurodefiant Autistic Pride Lending Library of NOVA

Loudoun County, VA
703-984-9013 (text only)

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Los Angeles Neurodiversity

Los Angeles, CA


Printable Resource:  Checklist For Identifying Sources of Aggression by We Are Like Your Child

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