Social Stories Fundraiser

The library will be doing an ongoing fundraiser to support neurodivergent individuals who are in need of financial help!

We will create short, custom social stories or graphics featuring the Neurodivergent Narwhals for you starting at $25

This will include a pdf of your social story for you to use, print or download as you wish.

You can send the library an e-mail if you are interested and we can work together to create a social story that is respectful and supportive and in line with the ideals of the neurodiversity paradigm.

Get a PDF of a custom social story featuring the neurodivergent narwhals!
Image is a pink flappy cartoon narwhal on a bluebackground with white bubbles and a large tablet. The tablet has another image of a pink narwhal with text that reads: “Get a PDF of a custom social story featuring the Neurodivergent Narwhals!”
Rainbow colored text reads “Fundraiser!” and black text below that in a white bubble reads: 
“Stories and graphics start at $25. Send us an e-mail with details so that we can create a custom story with the narwhals just for you or your loved one! 
email us at