Neurodivergent Narwhals

We have had a lot of requests for printable versions of the infographics we have shared on the Facebook page featuring the Neurodivergent Narwhals.  The downloads are 100% free, but we do accept donations to continue building our library.  Thanks!

Why is Everything so Weird Covid 19 Social Story


Everyone Communicates


Identity First Language


Behavior Plan Autism Professionals


Behavior Plan Parent/Caretakers


Functioning Labels Fail


Is Autism an Epidemic?


The Signs of Autism


Inclusion in the Classroom


Ask A Neurodivergent Narwhal


Autistic Culture


Awareness vs Acceptance


April is Autism Acceptance Month!


Autism DOES Define Me


Narwhal Coloring Page by Erin Urdahl*


Neurodivergent Narwhals Coloring Page


Autism and Siblings


Considering Therapies For Autistic Children


The Language of Neurodiversity


Talking About How We Talk About Autism


Image Descriptions**


*Generously donated by Erin Urdahl to the library.  She makes really neat stuff at her etsy shop, TaterCrafts check it out!

*I do not have image descriptions for the behavior plans at this time but you can read the text of them here (parent) and here (professionals).  We apologize for the lack of actual image descriptions for these two posters but we are working on it!