Speaking & Mobile Library

The library is available by appointment for individuals and for community events:

For more information:

E-mail: info@neurodiversitylibrary.org

Text: 425-791-0869


Speaking Engagements:

The library is founded by Lei Wiley-Mydske (she/they), an autistic adult,  disability activist and parent to an autistic young adult.  In addition to their work with the library, Lei is the Community Outreach Coordinator for Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network,  author, artist, creator of the Neurodivergent Narwhals and freelance autism, disability and neurodiversity consultant. 

They are a founding board member of PFLAG Stanwood-Camano,  Advisory Board Member at Large for the MHDD National Training CenterNJACE (New Jersey Autism Center of Excellence) , former Program Assistant at Neurodiversity Navigators at Bellevue College’s Autistics Present Symposiums from 2016-2021. 

Lei is available for public speaking events and has presented at Autistics Present, Targeting Autism for Libraries and at the TASH National Conference on the subjects of neurodiversity libraries, collaborative advocacy in the autism community and the importance of autistic community and culture.

Lei has developed multiple resources for parents, professionals and community members to better understand how to respectfully support autistic individuals. They are passionate about autism acceptance, neurodiversity and disability justice.

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