Community Conversations With Stanwood-Camano Pride

Image description:
Flyer with diagonal rainbow stripes on bottom portion. Top right of image is the Stanwood & Camano Island Pride logo, a rainbow over rainbow mountains and water with text that reads “Stanwood & Camano Island Pride”
Middle left of image is the logo of, a purple cartoon flappy narwhal with bubbles around them. The logo of the Community Resource Center is under and to the side of that. It is a teal colored door with four windows and a red heart above it. Text reads: “Community Resource Center of Stanwood Camano”
Text on flyer reads:
Join us for a Community Conversation with Michelle Huntley, organizer of Stanwood-Camano Pride 2022
What did we learn at Pride and what comes next?
Do LGBTQIA+ citizens feel safe, valued and supported in Stanwood & Camano Island?
How can others in our community be better allies?
September 6, 2022
6:00 PM
Community Resource Center of Stanwood-Camano
9612 271st ST NW
Stanwood, WA
For more information contact:
Lei Wiley-Mydske
425-791-0869 (Text Only Please)